Skyline includes diverse range of staff members


Charles Griffith

STAR EMPLOYEE. One crucial employee at the Skyline on Lebanon road is Austin. On Wednesday’s, Austin uses his own money to purchase candy for the children who come in on Kid’s Night. Every day Austin undertakes many responsibilities to ensure the store runs smoothly.

Skyline Chili, located at 12000 Lebanon Rd, takes pride in employing those with alternative thinking or working styles.

These individuals are able to contribute to the company by taking on numerous responsibilities.

“We [give] each individual responsibilities based upon their specific skill level. The responsibilities range from busing tables, doing dishes, cleaning windows, sweeping parking lots and even some food preparation,” said Mr. Carlos Griffith, market training leader a Skyline.

Many of these employees stand out and go above and beyond their job description. A few star employees stand out in Griffith’s mind.

“[Austin] is such an asset during our busy times. We will be too busy to come off the line to stock items that are out.

“All we have to do is call back to Austin and he will get us more Beans, Potatoes, Spaghetti, Cheese, etc.

“When he is not busy, he comes out front and helps the servers out by grabbing their bus tubs for them instead of them having to take it back to him.

“Austin works double shifts on Wednesday’s because Wednesday night is Kid’s Night. Without being prompted to, Austin buys candy out of his own money to hand out to the children on Kid’s Night,” Griffith said.

Another key employee at the Skyline location is TJ.

“We have another gentleman named TJ that has the best door greets. We are a company that prides itself in culture and hospitality and TJ outshines everyone when it comes to that.

“TJ actually races to the door to help open it for people when he sees them coming in,” Griffith said.

When Austin or TJ miss work, their absence does not go unnoticed.

“If any of them miss work, the guests will notice and ask where they are,” Griffith said.

All in all, employees like Austin and TJ not only make this specific Skyline a better business, but these individuals touch the lives of customers in the community.