Royal wedding invitations spark controversy


Tribune News Services

ALL EYES ON YOU. Meghan Markle is an American actress. Although she does have experience performing for an audience, a royal wedding is undoubtedly nerve-racking. Everything from Markle’s dress to her makeup will be both praised and critiqued all over the media on the royal day.

Prince Harry and soon-to-be princess Meghan Markle’s wedding on May 19 is one that will excite some and bore others. While some people love being up-to-date on the wedding gossip, others do not seem to care.

Still, as in with any royal wedding, there is drama. No less surprising, one major source of the drama is the guest list. The fact of the matter is although everyone can watch the wedding on television, it is simply impossible for everyone to be invited. In fact, some of Markle’s extended family will not be in attendance at the 600 person affair.

According to “Fox News,” the Spice Girls were invited to the wedding. However, some Spice Girls have said they received their invitation, while others claim they haven’t received one.

“I’ve met Prince Charles lots of times…I’m going to ask him where my invite is because I haven’t got mine yet,” said Sporty Spice.

The Spice Girls seem to be interested in attending the wedding. To contrast, Rihanna has shown little to no interest. In fact, “Time” called her reaction “hilarious.”

“Why would you think I’m invited?…You met me, you think you’re coming to my wedding? Am I coming to yours?” Rihanna said.

Critics of the royal wedding fever may wonder why American celebrities and the general public has such a fascination with a wedding taking place across the Atlantic Ocean.

Perhaps Americans fantasize about being a part of an event that receives so much press and attention. Regardless, many Americans have royal wedding fever, and there is bound to be more drama on the way.