SBOB marches toward Tag Day


Kirsten Thomas

KNOCK KNOCK. With the school year just starting, Tag Day is quickly approaching. When SBOB students knock on your door they will not take too much of your time and hope you will consider all of the benefits your donation will create for the students. “Tag Day is a great fundraiser and one way of giving back to the band. It really benefits everyone in the band and orchestra program and it doesn’t take up a lot of time in the day,” said Anna Cummins, 12.

The 60th annual Sycamore Band and Orchestra Boosters (SBOB) Tag Day is quickly approaching.

On Aug. 25, SBOB students will be going door to door to ask community members for financial support.

“Tag Day is a great fundraiser for the music program and couldn’t be done without the generous, well-appreciated donations of our amazing community,” said Jeicy Hernandez Baquero, 12.

The band and orchestra students at Sycamore Jr. High and SHS are asked to participate. Parent volunteers are also involved, transporting and supervising students throughout the day.

Students go door to door in assigned areas and ask community members for a financial contribution.

In return for their donation, the community member is listed as a patron in band and orchestra programs.

Tag Day benefits SBOB programs financially, but also the relationships of those involved.

“[Tag Day] not only helps out the music program but brings many students together,” Hernandez Baquero said.

Students experience first hand how much Tag Day benefits their music programs.

“We benefit [from Tag Day] because we use the money to buy new stands, fix the school instruments and fund music related things at school,” said Alexandra Albrecht, 12.

If your door is knocked on, consider supporting your friends who are involved in band or orchestra at SHS.

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