Runners sprint into new season


Girls Cross Country

KEEP IT UP. Junior Kaylee Combs is running cross country for her third year of high school. Meets typically occur Friday afternoons or weekend mornings. The season will wrap up in early October.

 A new school year means a new girls cross country season. Although the runners have been training throughout the summer, varsity had their first meet on Aug. 18 at the National Trail Raceway.

Not only is it junior Grace Mirande’s first season of cross country, but she was able to secure a spot on varsity.

“Joining cross country this year is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. All of the girls have been so welcoming and supportive, and the team truly feels like family.

“I’m glad I get to have cross country as part of my high school experience and I’m excited for the rest of the season,” Mirande said.

The whole teams first meet will take place on Aug. 24 at the Christ Church Moeller Invitational.

“I feel [that] especially since we are in high school the friendships and the bonding in girls cross country is just amazing and you have some girls who are new to the team and we all just welcome them in like they were always there.

“It is safe to say that girls cross country is just as much about the team as it is about running. The community is just so amazing, for me it is less about the running and more about the community,” said Stacy Lawrence, 11, team member.