From Yeezus to Yandhi


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YEEZUS RISES. West posted a photo of a Sony MiniDisc, teasing a possible sequel to his 2013 album ‘Yeezus,’ titled ‘Yandhi.’ “Everything he does is self centered,” said Adam Mather, 12.

In 2013, recording artist Kanye West released his sixth studio album, titled ‘Yeezus’ to mixed reviews and sparking controversy along the way.

The album marked a new sound for West, with very electronic, harsh sounding beats, mixed with boastful lyrics making their mark across the record, alienating many of his listeners. The album’s title also raised eyebrows, seeing that West was seemingly comparing himself to Jesus.

Five years later, and the album has grown a bit of a cult following, with many fans reaching out to West on Twitter to request a follow-up. A follow up that seems to be arriving.

On Sept. 17 at 5:32 p.m., West took to Twitter, posting a photo of a Sony MiniDisc. The photo largely resembled the artwork of ‘Yeezus’, leading many to speculate a possible sequel to the album.

Just a few hours later, West tweeted the photo again, this time with a message reading “YANDHI 9 29 18,” alluding not only the album’s title but also its release date, set for the night West is to appear on the television series Saturday Night Live.

“I like the name,” said Sarah Dierker, 12.

The title again compares West to an icon, this time being Mahatma Gandhi.

“I think [the title] is self-centered,” said Adam Mather, 12.

  A sequel to ‘Yeezus’ or not, West fans and music fans alike seem to be excited for a new record from one of hip-hop’s biggest artists.