Chinese Club flies kites at Miami


Hannah Lee

CRAFTY KITES. Chinese Club members craft beautiful kites to fly at a competition at Miami University in their last meeting. The theme was Confucius and there were many Chinese culture activities in addition. “Chinese culture is vastly different from western culture…there’s a little something for everyone,” said Samuel Risma, 12.

The Chinese Club stepped out of SHS grounds and onto Miami University on Fri., Sept. 26 to take part in a Chinese culture event. One aspect of the event is kite flying self-made kites. The Chinese Club has been going to the annual event for several years.

At their last meeting on Fri., Sept. 14 afterschool the club members designed kites prepared by Dr. Ning Zhang, Chinese teacher. The kite was designed according to this year’s kite theme which is Confucius. Members used paint and markers to add colorful artwork as well as some of Confucius’ quotes.

“It’s very exciting to see members creating kites to actually fly in a competition,” said Samuel Risma, 12, Chinese Club President.

Confucius was a very important figure in Chinese history and culture. He prevails not only as a cultural leader but also as a deity of the large religion, Confucianism, in the mainland.

“[Making kites] was really fun. The kites turned out beautiful, it was great to see everyone work creatively, and it was interesting to see how other people viewed China,” said Theo Eborall, 11, Public Relations officer of Chinese Club.  

The event is a contest to see which kite flies the best and is the best decorated. Hundreds show up at the event to fly some kites for the competition and fun.

“Seeing people being passionate about the Chinese language and culture makes me proud to be involved with such an immersive program,” Risma said.

Chinese classes went to Miami University for the event from SHS on busses. There was no school on that day because it was Teacher Records Day, so students did not miss any class.