‘Parks and Recreation’: intriguing or disappointing?


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SMILE. The actors become their characters for a photo during the shooting of the finale episode of season 3 of “Parks and Recreation.” This photo was used as the season image and was briefly the image for the series on Netflix. The TV show aired for seven seasons, with the sixth ending in a large cliffhanger that had everyone waiting for the seventh and final season. “I know we [the whole “Parks and Rec” cast] would all do [a reunion],” said Amy Poehler to Ellen DeGeneres.

5 out of 5 stars

Is “Parks and Recreation” (“Parks and Rec”) an unbelievable or uninteresting show? Does this series capture the viewers’ attention or leave them feeling bored and unsatisfied?

Personally, I think that “Parks and Rec” is a very enjoyable and humorous show that encapsulates characters performing good deeds for humanity, while still enjoying their work. The actors somehow manage to keep the mood light while discussing modern issues.

In addition, the TV series follows a general storyline, but also includes mini stories that keep the watcher intrigued. While watching the show, there were many “laugh out loud” moments that convinced me to continue one of my favorite shows of all time.

Many have watched “The Office,” and while that is an outstanding show, it also has humor that only some can understand and relate too. But, “Parks and Rec” has a type of humor that is hilarious to anyone watching. Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, being is obsessed with binders, waffles, and work: Tom Haverford, played by Aziz Ansari is a swaggy and fashion-forward yet undetermined government worker.  

“Each [character] is unique and relatable, which helps make the show real and funny,” said Megan Radakovich, 9.

Also, this show continues to be funny, and never loses its spark and humor. I appreciate this since I feel that other shows such as “Modern Family” and even “The Office” get worse as they go on, which sometimes can cause people to become uninterested or even stop watching the show.  

This series is also enjoyable because of the numerous different people and personalities. I have found myself relating to all of the characters, which helps me connect to the show and find the series funny.  

“I really enjoyed ‘Parks and Rec’ because of its humorous characters including my favorite actor Amy Poehler!” said Stacy Lawrence, 11.

If it was my decision, I would have had the show go on for much longer, or at least have a reunion season a few years later. As “The Office” has become more popular, people have forgotten about this hidden gem.

I would recommend that everyone watches this thrilling series. Overall, “Parks and Rec” is an amazing show with relatable characters and a hilarious plot.