Are the Reds losing fans?


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HOME RUN! The Cincinnati Reds are an integral part of the city, like Skyline Chili and Graeter’s Ice Cream. The Reds play at the Great American Ballpark. The attendance percentage has decreased significantly throughout the season.

The Reds have been a beloved part of Cincinnati since their founding in 1881. But are they losing their fame? As they make their way towards the end of their season, they have recorded the lowest attendance at games in almost three decades.

This season, the Reds only drew in about 20,116 fans per game out of their 81 home games. In a normal season, the famous Cincinnati team would have 8.1 million visitors in one season.

Since the famous Cincinnati baseball team made it to the playoffs in 2013, its home game attendance significantly decreased. This data has led many to believe that the fans have gradually lost interest in the team.

“I think that they do not have as many visitors because the Reds have not won anything majorly important in the last five years,” said Christopher Gall, 9.

Some do believe that the attendance percentage drop has a lot do to with the bad weather. If the weather is not looking well, not many are not willing to come down to the Great American Ball Park to enjoy a Reds game in the outdoors with minimal overhead coverage.

“The Reds lose a lot of their fans because they keep trading their good players,” said Catie Clark, 9.

All of these reasons and more could be contributing factors to the drop in attendance at the Great American Ballpark this season. Hopefully, for the Reds, next year will be different.