Does ‘Mean Girls’ discourage or encourage bullying?


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THAT’S SO FETCH. “Mean Girls,” a popular film directed by Mark Waters features a new student, Cady Heron, who is bullied by the popular students. During the movie, she undergoes friendship and bullying problems. But, by the end of the movie, she solves her problems and makes peace with the bullies. “Almost everyone has watched [“Mean Girls”] once, if not a couple times. It is just a go-to when you’re with your girls,” said Debasmita Kanungo, 11.

I am sitting Sitting on the couch, next to friends, laughing at the insane plot of “Mean Girls.” On the screen, Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, gives Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams bars to make her gain weight, and then the question pops into my head. Does “Mean Girls” produce a humorous twist on bullying, or does it encourage bullies watching?

Although this popular film was released in 2004, the year some SHS students were born, it still is enjoyed to this day. To many, this is a movie seen at least once. But, some question if this is promoting a positive message about bullying.

“I like ‘Mean Girls’ because it is such a funny and iconic movie. Almost everyone has watched it once, if not a couple times,” said Debasmita Kanungo, 11.

Most people laugh at the hilarious stunts and “mean girl” attitude displayed by Gretchen Weiners, Regina George, and Karen Smith, but some may think this is not acceptable behavior, even in a movie.

Even though I think this movie is very funny and always makes me laugh at the stupidity of the characters and their small problems, I sometimes question if we should be promoting a movie that has immense bullying.

In addition, it does not just have bullies, it also has a character, Cady, who bullies Gretchen back as a way of revenge.

Since, to many, the bullying seems funny and harmless, especially since it is in a movie, to others, it may encourage them to pull similar tactics on their bullies, causing them to get in trouble or be put in more harm.

But, on the other hand, it can gives young kids, or even adults, a positive outlook on these important topics, or even teaches them.

“It reveals real-life themes like bullying, staying true to your friends and accepting people that are different,” said Jade Stella, 11.

While it may give some the wrong idea, “Mean Girls” gives most people a humorous outlook on bullying, while still teaching them valuable life lessons. Since many people that have watched the movie have enjoyed it, it shows that most people do not get the wrong idea from this hilarious film.

Overall, this movie, although old, is still popular among SHS students. Also, most say this motion picture promotes a positive message to people all ages and is a great film to watch with friends.