Ohio considers air conditioning bill


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WOW. This photo shows a line of air conditioners. The state of Ohio is debating passing a bill that will use school funds to provide air conditioning in the whole school. This is because students’ performance is impeded when the climate is not ideal.

Many professionals speak out about the effects of proper preparation for the school day such as the importance of eating healthy, getting the proper amount of sleep, studying, and much more. But what they forget to take into account is the temperature of the school building itself.

Believe it or not, the temperature of a school building can have a huge impact on the students in school. The state of Ohio is proposing a bill to use school funding to get air conditioning in their schools.

The heat can cause students to learn slower and perform worse on exams. According to U.S. News, a hotter classroom can cause lower test scores, a poor ability to retain the information being taught in class, and it can even cause students to feel light headed and ill inside the building.

“I feel really tired in the head and it is harder to focus on my work,” said Dillon Bullock, 9.

I myself have been in both a school with air conditioning and a school without. I remember my fellow classmates and I feeling like we were going to pass out from the heat when warmer temperatures hit in the fall and spring.

“The heat makes doing everyday tasks as well as sports uncomfortable,” said freshman and former gymnast, Preston Landolt.

According to the 74, it is a fact that out of the 50 top school districts in the country, 34 of them have reported to not have air conditioning in their building. This further exemplifies the need for air-conditioned schools.