TV shows from past come back


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“I AIN’T CALLING YOU A TRUTHER.” The show “Drake and Josh” is a type of show that you can laugh out loud to. Fans of the show remember hilarious, iconic lines that the brothers say to one another. “[‘Drake and Josh’ is the] funniest Nick show ever. Iconic 2000’s show. I can watch it now and still find it funny, never gets old,” said Jake Goodman, 9.

In the past few years, students at SHS and teenagers across the country have watched TV shows going all the way back to 1985 with the show “Golden Girls.” 

TV networks and Netflix have seen how much teenagers are attracted to the older shows and have decided to make remakes based on the older version of the show.

Teenagers have access to these shows because of Netflix and Nick at Nite. Teens usually browse on TV or Netflix and find the shows. For some, it started with them accidentally watching it to them falling in love with the show.

Nick at Nite did not intentionally try to attract teens into watching the channel. It started out as a channel for adults, playing reruns of shows that adults used to watch back in the day.

Their program begins at 9:00 p.m. and goes till 7:00 a.m. They start by playing a show that is okay for teens viewing. Most have probably heard of the show “Full House.”

“Full House” aired back in 1987, the show was about a man named Danny Tanner who becomes a widower. He gains two roommates, his brother-in-law Jesse and stand-up comic friend, Joey. The trio helps raise the Tanner daughters, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle.

“Full House” became very popular in the teen community because of how relatable it was. The show sent a message to audiences and gave advice on what to do in certain situations.

“Full House” was such a hit modern day Netflix decided to get the cast together again and create “Fuller House.” It is a spinoff of the original “Full House” and is basically the same show, just as D.J. Tanner as the widow and with her needing help raising her kids with her sister and friend’s help.

Another show that lots of students and teenagers are watching is “Friends.” “Friends” is a show that first aired back in 1994, and it was very popular. Adults who watched the show say they remember rushing home from work to watch it because it was before you could record TV shows.

“Friends” is a show about three young men and three young women. They all live in the same apartment complex in New York City and are best of friends.

“Friends” can be accessed through Netflix or Nick at Nite. That is how so many teenagers and students have access to watching the series and enjoying it.

Parents who enjoyed “Friends” back when they were in their 20’s now sit down with their teenagers to watch the repeats of the show. Some people at our school were alive when the show was still airing and now 13 years after the show has ended are watching the show.

“The show ‘Friends’ puts me in a happy mood, the show always can make me laugh,” said Arielle Smith, 9.

Friends” successfully was able to make people laugh and cry for ten seasons. The show also made fans argue whether or not Ross and Rachel were on a break, and to this day viewers still question the situation.

“Drake and Josh” is a show that aired back in 2004 on Nickelodeon. The show was about two teen boys who are very different, they soon become step-brothers. They both have different friends and ambitions in high school. The series shows the hilarious adventures of life while getting used to being family.

More students have heard about the show because most of us were alive when the show came out, except we were very young. Drake Bell who played Drake came to SHS last year and performed so many students know him from that too.

 “’Drake and Josh’ was a super funny show and cool, to see Jerry Trainor in another show. Crazy Steve was one of my favorite characters” said Molly Hayes, 12.

Trainor also played on a familiar show known as “ICarly.” Trainor played Carly’s older brother who usually started a fire or made spaghetti tacos.

The most common show that has been revived is “The Office.” The show is about the everyday life of the office workers of Dunder Mifflin a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The show aired in March 2005 but has come back thanks to Netflix.

“The Office” is filmed through a “fly off the wall” documentary style. Based off originally by “The Office UK,” that aired in 2001. Steve Carell said he saw the UK version and thought it was hilarious so when he got the starring role he was super happy.

“The Office” has become a hit since the day it aired and has continued to be hit. “The Office” is on Netflix and that is how most people have access to the show.

Those are just a few of the many shows that have been revived or have stayed through the decades.