Model UN starts year off right


Jessica Lu

DEFEND. Seniors Lydia Cooke and Laura Mihlbachler pose with their awards at the Model UN conference in Dayton. There were three award winners at the Dayton conference. The awards are given to students who were impactful in defending their issues. “[Model UN] is for people who are engaged in national and global issues, or if they want to be a lawyer and enjoy the argument and persuasive style,” said Model UN advisor Mr. Greg Cole.

Model United Nations (UN) is a club that mimics the United Nations. In the club, students are given a role surrounding a conflict that they have to defend.

Then, the students make arguments from their role’s point of view, with the goal being to eventually come to a solution. This year Model UN has about 40 students participating. It is advised by Mr. Greg Cole.

“It’s really a skill-building thing of argumentation, about being able to deliver a public speech to build consensus among the group and to create change,” said history teacher Mr. Greg Cole.

So far the club has attended two competitions: one in Wyoming, Ohio and the other in Dayton. Later this year, some students will be attending a 4-day long conference in Chicago along with students from other schools around the country.

At the competition in Wyoming, Model UN placed first, second, and third in their position papers. Additionally, multiple individuals won delegate awards. In Dayton, there were also three award winners who were given awards for defending their issues.

These competitions are not focused on winning; rather, students work to create a solution to the issue.  The club prepares for the competitions by writing a position paper.

Many participants in the club greatly enjoy the conferences, including Model UN president Grace Creek, who has been participating in Model UN since seventh grade.

 “At conferences, you have to work together with a lot of people you’ve never met before, so you meet many new people and make friends,” said Grace Creek, 12

Other students share similar views of the conferences, like Pranathi Madala, who began participating in Model UN last year as a freshman.

“[I like] going to conferences and meeting people from different schools, and actually stepping into a role…you just step into another person’s life,” said Pranathi Madala, 10