SHS sings with ‘Glee’


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ALL THE DRAMA. The TV show, “Glee,” although old and not as popular, is still a show some SHS students enjoy. “Glee” features Will Schuester, the director of the Glee Club, played by Matthew Morrison, and other students in the school and Glee Club. Although the drama in “Glee” may be too much for some viewers, for others, the intense plot is enjoyable. “I like ‘Glee’ because its a light hearted show with a lot of fun music,” said Debasmita Kanungo, 11.

In 2009, a new TV show became extremely popular almost immediately. “Glee” is a show about kids in high school that belong to Glee Club. The TV program follows the high school students’ journey throughout bullying and other experiences.

Although “Glee” came out a long time ago, it was a show watched by many SHS students while they were younger. “Glee” is old, but still a remembered TV show and one that affected some, just as “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Office.”

Some people feel emotionally connected to the characters in TV shows like “Glee.” When Quinn Fabray, played by Dianna Agron, was put in a wheelchair after a car accident, viewers were devastated by the incident.

On the other hand, viewers connected with happy events in the show, such as when Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce, played by Naya Rivera and Heather Morris, were married to each other.   

Although the show features the struggles of high school, it also focuses on the struggles at home with family. In addition, even though the show may not accurately represent high school in real life–with hours of homework, and no time for practically anything else–viewers usually love unreasonable TV shows.

From “Glee” to “Mean Girls,” viewers love a program with an unbelievable and untrue plot. It entertains the viewers and also creates a more interesting plot line.

In “Glee,” there are many musical numbers that, when watching now, bring back memories of SHS students’ childhoods. The songs that appear in the show are catchy and performed well, which also increases how entertained the viewer will be.

“I like [“Glee”] because it mixes two of my favorite things, music, and teen tv shows,” said Julie Fort, 9.

In addition, the drama side of high school is over exaggerated. To some people, a small amount of drama in a TV show or movie can be enjoyable, but some think “Glee” takes the drama to an extreme.

“‘Glee’ is a good show if they like drama and music, but if not, I would not recommend it,” said Clarice Newman, 9.

Although “Glee” can be entertaining at times, it also reveals a false message about high school and has a lot of unnecessary drama.