NHS new members join the club


Soeun Cho

INDUCTED. New members were inducted into the National Honor Society (NHS) on Wed., Nov. 14. NHS is a merit that colleges view favorably in college applications. Service hours are a requirement for joining NHS. “I volunteered at my church orchestra and at nurseries,” said Soeun Cho, 12.

On Wed., Nov. 14, National Honor Society (NHS) held their induction ceremony. Most of the new members are juniors and seniors.

In order to be a part of the society, prospective members have to have a certain number of service hours for the community.

Students had to have a minimum of 30 service hours and NHS applications turned in earlier in the year. Students volunteer in many ways throughout the community.

“I volunteer at Bethesda Hospital every other week,” said Alia Diushebaeva, 12.

The ceremony celebrates the hard work and leadership of students. In order to give credit to the person who has helped them along the way, members have to invite a sponsor and share a few words on how that person has impacted them.

“I chose Mrs. [Meredith] Blackmore, my Spanish teacher as my NHS sponsor. She’s been so motivating and she constantly encourages us to try new things in life,” Diushebaeva said.

Sponsors can be influential teachers, family members that are not their parents, sports’ team coaches, or someone else that was important to the inductees’ life.

On Tues., Nov. 13, a NHS ceremony rehearsal took place after school in the same location it was held at, the SHS auditorium.

The rehearsal and ceremony was led by NHS officers, seniors, Kyra Fales, Peyton Gillhart, Hannah Kirkham, Kevin Landrum, and Luis Pereda.

“I chose my friend as my sponsor because she is one of the best people who understands me and she is always there for me whenever I have trouble,” said Soeun Cho, 12.

At the ceremony, inductees had a candle lighting as they were inducted and went on to speak about their sponsors. The candles were not real candles, keeping in mind the fire hazard, but are electric ones used every year.