Minors Get Tattoos


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WOW. A woman has tattoos on her arm. Many people still have issues with the idea of minors having tattoos before they are the age of eighteen. “I think minors should be able to choose if they want a tattoo or not,” said Anusha Gambheera, 9.

It is only legal to get a professionally done tattoo when you are of eighteen years of age, right? Wrong!

If you have written consent from a parent or guardian, and the procedure is handled sanitarily, it is legal for a minor to get a tattoo. However, concerns have been raised about the safety and ethics of getting a tattoo before the legal age of eighteen.

Different beliefs are shared about tattoos in general; however, some do believe that tattoos should not even be gotten in the first place. Others are open to the idea, but they are hesitant about minors getting them done.

People are hesitant about minors getting tattoos because of the health risks. The tattoo could possibly get infected and the process itself is extremely painful.

I believe that as long as the legal precautions are taken and the parent or guardian has approved of the design, it should not be an issue.

People could have an issue with the tattoo you have as well. This could mean possibly not getting a job because your employer does not like your tattoo or the message it portrays.

Minors may not be able to understand the consequences and make an educated decision on whether they will still want the tattoo in the future.

“I think minors should not be able to get tattoos because most kids can be irresponsible with the privilege of being able to get a  permanent design on their skin,” said Renee Neumann, 9.

Some tattoo supporters will argue that tattoos are an expression of your personality, beliefs, or even a tribute to an important person or event. They may also say that the choice to get a tattoo is a human right no matter how old you are.

“Teenagers should be allowed to get tattoos because it’s their decision, their right, and their body,” said Travae Jasper, 9.

At the end of the day, the law allows freedom to get body art, but it is your choice to get one or not.