Chess season hits timer


McDaniels Photography

CONCENTRATE. Sophomore Arvind Prasad focuses on the board as time winds down. He is Board One and was his freshman year too, though team members are allowed to challenge each other to get a higher board number. “The seasons going pretty well. It’s crazy that this is my last year of chess because I’ve played it all four years of high school,” said Nandita Kulkarni, 12.

The chess season is coming to a close, with the GMC tournament on Dec. 3 at 8:00 a.m. The tournament is hosted by SHS and will take place during the duration of the school day and well into the evening, probably finishing around 7 p.m.

“GMCs are on Monday so I think we’ll just give it our all. It’s a super exhausting day because we play so many games but I hope we’ll continue doing as well as we did during the season,” said Nandita Kulkarni, 12.

The chess team is tied for second place in the GMC heading into the competition. Boards one through seven compete during the tournament; boards are the rankings of the different chess team members.

Boards one through seven respectively are sophomore Arvind Prasad, seniors Max Guo, Kulkarni, and Nick Smith; and sophomores Colin Seper and Arushi Sharma. Each board player will compete against a member from each of the GMC teams.

There are ten chess teams in the GMC, with Mason leading the scoreboard without a loss this season. For the past several years Mason and Sycamore have competed for the GMC championship. Mason has taken home the title for the past two years, with Sycamore taking it in 2015-2016.

“I’m super proud of the team and I’m happy that there are a lot of passionate underclassmen who will continue carrying the team when the seniors go,” Kulkarni said.