SHS students swap gifts


Jessica Lu

HOLIDAY FUN. Secret Santa is among the top winter traditions at SHS. Classes, clubs, sports teams, friends, and family can all be found with their own version. Senior Teddy Weng is even participating in six different ones this month.

Whether it is exchanging presents with your friends before break or having a celebration in class, December brings a certain holiday cheer to SHS. However, when it comes to gifts, nothing is more prevalent than Secret Santa.

“My family does one, and we do one in school. If anybody has any gift ideas for Evan Sickle, please let me know,” said Olivia Severyn, 12.

An exchange where the participants anonymously buy gifts for one another, Secret Santa, has become an annual tradition among our Spanish classes, theatre, choir, and many more.

While commonplace in school, the holiday festivity is also done between families, allowing members to give only one gift instead of many. Senior Michelle Kerr cannot remember a time where she and her cousins have given presents any other way.

“I have a cousin who is three years old, and she’s obsessed with princesses. I’m going to make her a princess blanket this year for our family’s Secret Santa,” Kerr said.

However, there are variations of the practice which require multiple small gifts, each following a specific theme. The Varsity swim team usually does around three themed gifts during the season: something funny, the person’s favorite food, and something nice.

“You get to have fun surprising people and being surprised yourself,” said Olivia Shields, 9.