Controversial ‘stand your ground’ bill sparks controversy in Ohio


Abigail Lefton

FIGHT. With the transition of the new legislators coming into office soon approaching, many believe the new “stand your ground” bill to be a last-ditch effort by the heavily conservative Ohio legislature. Many are following the status of the legislation even after Gov. Kasich publicly opposed it as it follows the path to becoming a real bill. “I think there should be stricter gun laws and regulation in regards to background checks so we can make sure that guns that we think are in the right hands remain in the right hands,” said Sarah Dierker, 12.

After getting cleared by the Ohio House of Representatives with a 65 – 32 vote, House Bill (HB) 228 also known as “stand your ground” bill which removes several gun and safety procedures stirred some debate before heading to the Senate.

After going through the house, Governor (Gov.) John Kasich made it known that he opposes the bill and will veto it after going through the Senate. In response, the Senate said are confident they will have enough votes to override his veto.

The bill that was proposed to the Senate proposed removing legal requirement to let the individual who is threatening you to retreat and/or use self-defense before using violence (or guns) on them.

Essentially, the bill is stating that if you feel threatened, you may use violence and/or a gun without letting the other person defend themselves.

“Even though I am a resident of a household who owns guns, I still believe that this bill is an absurd proposal. People should be able to run away for protection.

“When I heard that this bill was proposed, I thought that it’s strange because it is kind of common sense for someone to be able to run away from danger, it should not be a choice,” said Edward Wade, 12.

The bill also included other regulations siding for the pro-gun community. With the Ohio legislature consisting of mainly conservative Republicans, the bill is heavily catered to the conservative Republican majority.