Want some love? Get a Dog!


Kiri Basher

BARK BARK. Junior Kiri Basher’s dog, Mario patiently waits while he gets his photo taken. Mario is a goldendoodle that will only get his picture taken if he gets a treat afterword. Also, he loves to play with his brother Bear and barks at nothing. He likes to “consistently annoy you until you give him a belly rub,” Basher said.

WOOF WOOF. Although half of the world’s population has a dog according to the Society for Consumer Research and author Steve Dale, some still have reasons to not purchase a fluffy friend. But, everyone should have a dog.

While dogs—and especially puppies—can be difficult to take care of when they are being potty-trained, or even after, their unconditional love will always brighten your mood.

When I come home every day, I look forward to seeing my dogs and petting them. Although sometimes they can bark while I am trying to sleep, they always make up for it with their friendly attitudes.

Also, dogs make your life better. They can be hard work, but in the end, these cute cuddly companions become your best friend.

Your dog is always there for you and will never get mad at you, even if you don’t give him/her a treat. They always offer you their love and cozy cuddles that will instantly warm your heart.  

Let’s be serious, who would not want to come home after a long day of “learning” and be greeted by a bundle of energy, eager to see their owner, you?

Before you decide to get a dog, just know that the first few days and even weeks will be difficult. But, seeing the little fluff ball of joy will make you forget about your tireless nights with your new puppy.

If you are looking for a friend that will love you no matter what and can cuddle with you whenever you want and even listen to your problems, get a dog.