Bird box breaks Netflix records


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BIRD BOX. “Bird Box” is among many other Netflix originals released this year such as “Dumplin,” “You,” and the Bandersnatch episode of “Black Mirror.”

Disclaimer: this article contains spoilers.

Netflix first began creating original movies and tv shows back in 2013 with “House of Cards,” and on Dec. 21, Netflix released its original Sandra Bullock thriller “Bird Box.”

“Bird Box” gathered a staggering 45 million views within its seven days, which made it the Netflix movie with the most views in one week. This can be accredited to the holiday season when most families are at home and the mass amount of attention Bird Box attained from social media.

The film begins with Bullock, who plays the character of Mallory, speaking to two children about traveling across a river; however, the kids must not take off their blindfolds or they will die.

A flashback to five years prior occurs next, where Mallory and her sister, played by Sarah Paulson, discuss an epidemic in Russia that causes people to commit mass suicides if they look at an ominous presence which is shown by wind in the movie.

Mallory eventually escapes to a safe house with several other survivors, and later must leave that house with two kids after some of the housemates become infected.

The rest of the film portrays Mallory’s attempt to bring herself and her two kids, named Boy and Girl, to a safe haven community away from the virus. No one is permitted to remove their blindfolds for fear that they may see the presence and become infected.

The title “Bird Box” refers to the box of birds that Mallory keeps which can sense if the infection or an infected person is near by chirping, allowing Mallory to defend her family.

For anyone who enjoys intense post-apocalyptic stories and a little bit of fear, “Bird Box” is the movie for you.