Review: “You”



BINGE WATCH. Netflix is a streaming network based in the U.S that provides access to a variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries and much more. Over 137 million people have a subscription.

 Netflix has recently come out with a show titled “You. According to Lifetime, the network that provides the show, the first episode was released on Sept. 9 of 2018. The rest of the season was released periodically until the tenth episode was aired in November.

Netflix is known for providing the best of the best shows for their viewers to stream. And when I first saw this show pop up on my phone, I thought it would be great to watch over winter break.

Prior to it being released on Netflix though, I knew nothing about the show, and I have never heard of anyone watching it.

Although I have not finished the show yet, I have a good feel for what is about and whether or not if I like it.

“You” is about love and how far some people go for it. The show begins with a bookstore manager named Joe Goldberg who crosses paths with a girl named Guinevere Beck.

At first, the crush that Joe has on Beck could be viewed as cute and sweet, but when he starts stalking her everywhere she goes, it quickly turns into something more sinister, an obsession. Joe begins to use everything for his advantage and stops at nothing to be with Beck.

Overall, this TV show was very good and had very unexpected turns each episode. It was creepy, in the sense that sometimes someone that you think is the hero is actually the villain. The characters were captured perfectly.