Netflix ‘Bandersnatch’ review



CHOICES. The Netflix Original “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is based solely on your decisions. Viewers ultimately choose their own path for the main character, Stefan. There are so many different routes to take that lead to over ten definitive endings.

Have you ever heard of a TV show that allows you to be in charge of what happens next? Have you ever heard of a TV show with multiple outcomes? Chances are that you probably have not. I never knew that something like this existed up until a few days ago.

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is a Netflix original where the viewer chooses the path for the main character and gets to go on a crazy adventure. If you have not seen the other Black Mirror episodes, do not fear, you can watch this by itself. However, you do need to be on a device where you can click on a choice.

“Black Mirror” is so popular that Netflix wants to know how many people have watched this, hoping that it has surpassed “Bird Box’s” 45 million views.  This TV show/ movie is like some other “Black Mirror” episodes, as it raises questions and makes you think about the impact of technology innovation and free will.

As a viewer and controller of this episode, you “play” Stefan, who is the main character. Stefan is attempting to create his all-time favorite book into a video game. As time progresses, Stefan becomes more mentally unstable. Every so often, you are given the ability to make choices. These choices have the potential to change the story and outcome. Because of this, there are several different endings that you may encounter.

Overall, this show was a lot.  When beginning, I was extremely confused. I did not know what was going on and I did not understand the point of it. But as time passed, I understand more of what was happening and why I kept on getting sent back to the beginning.

The only con that I have for “Bandersnatch” is that there is no time allotted. According to Netflix, it can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 1 ½ hours. It all depends on which route you end up taking and the choices you make. I do believe that this show was very interesting and I look forward to more shows like this in the future.