Review: ’90 Day Fiancé’



MARRIAGE. The show 90-day fiance on TLC is based on 6 couples that face the ultimate challenge: marriage in less than 90 days or you have to go back to your home country. Throughout this season, several ups and downs happen to all couples, some crazier than the others.

90 days is not a long time. Now imagine having to get married in 90 days or less to someone, all the way across the world. Seems impossible, I know. Except it happens on the reality TV show, “90 Day Fiancé” on TLC.

The sixth and most recent season officially ended last week with 13 episodes in total. The show is about couples obtaining the K-1 visa (also known as a fiancé visa) which allows U.S. citizens to bring over their foreign fiancé

The only stipulation is that if the foreign fiancé wants to stay in America, they must get married within the 90 days of their arrival.

Over the 90 days, the couples face many challenges. Reality strikes down on them as they learn that the “American Dream” is not always a dream. Meeting the family is often a big struggle. Most of the time, the U.S. family disagrees with their choice in a partner. Oftentimes, lies and honesty are a struggle in the show.

This season, six couples prepared for married life. Throughout the time, you see the ups and downs between the couples. One problem the couples faced is the language barrier and a culture shock due to being in a new country.

The couples included Colt and Larissa, Eric and Leida, Jonathon and Fernanda, Asuelo and Karinne, Ashley and Jay, and Steven and Olga.

Of the couples, the most interesting to me is Colt and Larissa. They have a very interesting relationship. Colt lives with his mother and cats in Las Vegas. When Larissa arrives, she expects nothing but the best and the “American Dream.”She wants to live a luxurious life, but he can not provide that for her.

Overall, this show is very interesting. I have been watching every season ever since it first starting airing in 2014. This has definitely been my favorite season. I highly recommend this show if you love reality tv shows and drama. If you are ever bored and you need something to watch, this is a great option.