‘Fyre’ review



FYRE. A music festival in the Bahamas will go down in history as the greatest party that never happened. Billy McFarland set this up lacking both money and time, thus the reason for his downfall.

Imagine paying $12,000, expecting a VIP package for a music festival, but when you get there, it is the total opposite. Imagine the horror when the luxurious villas that you expected turned out to be tents used during hurricanes issued by FEMA.

The documentary “Fyre” is an extremely compelling piece of work that shows just how corrupt an influencer culture can be. Netflix and Hulu both released a documentary on the Fyre scandals.

For the purpose of this review, I will only be talking about “Fyre,” Netflix’s documentary and not “Fyre Fraud” released by Hulu.

The Fyre Festival is one of the greatest scandals of all time. Billy McFarland was an entrepreneur who one day decided to throw the greatest music festival ever to promote an app for booking artists and other celebrities. Even better than Coachella. He buys a private island in the Bahamas, which was previously owned by Pablo Escobar, a well-known drug lord.

This was going to be the party of the decade, or that’s how the video promoted it. Supermodels, such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were in the video, playing with the famous swimming pigs and having a great time.

The plan was to invite around 1,000 people to this tiny island in less than four months. The festival was supposed to go from April 28-30, and May 5-7 of 2017. It promised luxury villas across the beautiful beach, chefs and an amazing lineup for the festival. The lineup included Blink-182 and Major Lazer. Another huge promise was that you would be flown in on a private jet.

When the influencers, who had hundreds of thousands of followers, if not millions, arrived for the “music festival,” it was the total opposite of what they expected. Instead of the beautiful beachfront villas that they were promised, they saw tents that they would be staying in. The gourmet food that they thought they were going to eat, turned out to be cheese sandwiches. It was a disaster. People were unhappy and posting all about the Fyre Festival.

Fyre media did not have enough money to supply both alcohol and water, so what did they choose? You guessed it, alcohol.  

McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison in October, and ordered to forfeit $26 million. The models that were featured in on the video, have been subpoenaed.

Overall, this documentary was really great and interesting. Prior to watching this, I had never heard of the Fyre Festival or just how terrible it was. I think that even though many people wanted this to be successful, it was never bound to happen because of the lack of money and time. After watching this, I have a greater understanding of how some influencers can use their power for the wrong reasons. I encourage you all to watch this.