Closer to $20,000: Kling moves on


Shayna Kling

COCA-COLA. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has provided more than $66 million to over 6,000 scholars in 2018. Currently, Kling is a regional finalist. Seniors Grant Bruner and Nicholas McDonough were also semifinalists; however, they did not move on.

When senior Shayna Kling applied for a scholarship via the counseling’s page, never did she expect to become a final contender.

The Coco-Cola Scholars Foundation is a national organization that gives scholarships to high achieving seniors throughout the country to continue their education.

Out of around 97,000 applicants, Kling made it to the final 251. She is one of seven Ohio finalists.

“I am super excited and honored to have gotten this far, and I’m excited to see where this opportunity takes me…It’s craziness,” Kling said.

To have gotten this far, Kling had to report her activities, test scores, and write six essays. Balancing the demands of school as well as essay-writing was no easy feat, but according to Kling the interesting prompts “made it more enjoyable.”

Essay topics included her biggest high school regret, what college course she would teach, and what she would do with an extra hour in a day.

The next round for Kling involves an interview. If she passes the interview, she will be one of the 150 students who win $20,000.