Rebanded brothers release top-streaming single


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REMINISCENT. Several high schoolers now recall the Jonas Brothers’ songs that they grew up listening to. “The Jonas Brothers’ ‘Sucker’ is my new song on repeat because it not only is an amazing song but it also reminds me of my childhood,” said Grace Larrick, 10.

Nearly a decade after releasing a top streaming album, the pop genre received an unexpected collaboration of the Jonas Brothers. With their single, “Sucker” catching the attention of both new and old audiences, this hit landed first in the Billboard Hot 100 within days.

The “Jonas” name initially grew attention through various Disney shows and productions. But soon they collaborated on bringing several successful albums to their increasing audience which focused on their music production.

The siblings split at the height of their fame in 2013 for various personal reasons; however, fans were left devastated.

With the brothers’ “Sucker” drawing in listeners as well as the Jonas Brothers’ announced reunion, original fans revisited old albums dating back to as early as 2005. Currently, two of the singers are married and the third engaged, leaving the public to wonder if there is more music to come or perhaps this was the band’s way to suggest fans should move on.

In addition to the track, the Jonas Brothers also produced a music video posted to Youtube featuring the boys and their spouses. The video, as well as the lyrics, emphasize how this teenage boy band has clearly grown older.

Today, 2010 throwback music seems to catch a spark in some, and this band is no exception. So what about One Direction? Big Time Rush? Will the Jonas Brothers start the trend for previous bands to get back together?