Teddy Weng, 12

“I hate how young progressives and liberals hated [Nancy] Pelosi like two months ago. Kudos to the Republican party for demonizing her because they realized how effective she was. Anyway, there was this whole fuss about how they didn’t want Pelosi to be Speaker. Turns out, they were all flakes and there was barely any opposition to her (even from [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez). Anyway, I’ve always liked her because she’s so effective. Quite honestly one of the best speakers to date. You can thank (or hate) her for passing the Affordable Health Care Act. People seem surprised that she’s so effective at dealing with the orange baby in office, but if you really knew Pelosi, you would’ve expected this. She’s so purposeful in everything she does. She even wears clothing/color coordination for a purpose (orange for gun reform!). That said, the Democrats do have a leadership problem. Pelosi is old, and nobody has arisen to take her place yet.”