You’ve been left on read—now what?

Don’t worry, friend; it happens to the best of us


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LEFT ON READ? To fear, or not to fear. Being left on read can be confusing and leave students wondering what the cause is.

You thought things were going well. The conversation ebbing and flowing, everything seemed just right.

But then you asked, “what’s up?” and it happened. It was read. No response for a few minutes turned into hours, and then a full day.

It happened. You were left on read, the most awkward and confusing text etiquette and possible clue. Did they leave you on read purposefully?

Before you begin to investigate, consider the many possible coincidental reasons why this horrible instance occurred. The person could be at work, got busy, their phone died, the list goes on.

But, more reasons entertain your mind- do they not like me? Am I not fun to talk to? Would they rather talk to someone else but me?

Here are a few things to take into consideration when being left on read:

Does this person leave you on read often?

Some people are just really bad at texting. They open your message, get distracted, and never realize that they did not respond. Many are guilty of this, including me. Don’t take it personally.

Do you know the person is currently busy or preoccupied?

If they are at work, don’t expect this person to drop everything and text you back. Maybe they thought they had time to respond, didn’t, and then put their phone down. Nothing personal.

Is the timing inconvenient for them?

Maybe this person works nights and sleeps during the day. So, don’t be offended if they have underlying circumstances that result in you being left on read. Your schedules just might not line up. 

So when do you take it personally? Here are a few reasons to become suspicious:

They always say “I’m bored”

If you ask “what’s up?” and they respond with something along the lines of “I’m doing nothing” or “I’m bored,” it may be time to worry. If they are sitting at home with literally nothing to do, what is keeping them from responding?

They don’t talk to you in person

You’ve been texting this person, but when you see them in real life they don’t even look in your direction. If they don’t acknowledge you in real life, they may not acknowledge your messages.

The person you’re texting is a player

You might not realize it, but the person you are talking to could be a player. They might be interested in talking to you at first, but then they quickly move on to someone else. It’s time to stop talking to this person and find someone who truly values conversation with you.

Wondering how your experience with being left on read compares to those of others? Take this poll and find out for yourself.