How to stay motivated for fourth quarter


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As students begin to get excited for summer break, many lose motivation to study and work hard in their classes during fourth quarter. New strategies for studying can help students keep their motivation up and make it through the last quarter.

You sit down at your desk and get out your homework assignment, focused and ready to work. A few moments later, your mind begins to wander, dreaming about the summer to come. Soon, you have lost all motivation to work on your homework.

As summer dwindles closer, many students find it challenging to stay motivated during the fourth quarter. However, since fourth quarter grades are still important and AIR tests affect graduation, students must continue to stay focused until summer break.

But how can students remain motivated with the relaxation and fun of summer break getting nearer? Here are some tips for keeping motivation up and avoiding this “fourth quarter slump.”

Find things to look forward to

Most students have something to look forward to during their summer break. Students can make a list of things they are excited to do during summer break and keep it near them while they do their homework.

If students keep the mindset that if they focus now, they will receive these rewards later, this will help improve motivation. Additionally, some students may find it helpful to keep a countdown until summer break to stay motivated as the days decrease.

Change your study location

Students can become more motivated by not doing their homework in the same place each day. With the weather becoming nicer, students could go outside to study.

Another option is going to a coffee shop, or even moving to a different room than they would normally study in. This change of pace can help to boost motivation when an everyday study routine becomes boring.

Make a to-do list and reward yourself

Students can write all of their daily assignments in a planner or to-do list. After they complete each assignment, they can have a small reward. Make sure these rewards are not distracting, but something that motivates you to keep working.

SHS teachers also shared some ways that they keep their class motivated.

Mr. Thomas Bonenfant, history teacher, said to motivate his classes, he tells them that “[they’re going to] hit a wall [in their motivation], but we’re [going to] work through it together.”

This advice is good to keep in mind for all students struggling with motivation.