Prom Procrastination

Last Minute Style Hacks


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PROM. Often seen as a rite of passage for high schoolers, the night consists of getting together with friends for a good time, whether it be dancing, eating or more. In fact, getting ready for the event can sometimes be the most fun part of all.

   It’s that time of year again! Summer is close enough to taste, graduation looms ahead for seniors, and Prom is right around the corner for most upperclassmen. For SHS, the prom will be this Saturday, April 27, where doors will open at 8:00 p.m.

   Now just like everything else in high school, you’ve procrastinated on your prom plans. With only 36 hours left, fear not! A totally savable situation, keep reading for insider tricks that even help you save some Benjamins along the way.

#1 Need a Dress?

   Okay first, take a deep breath. Not only can you save yourself from a shopping headache, you won’t have to settle with whatever the slim selection is left on the racks. How is this possible? Grab your phone and start contacting your friends, siblings, really anyone who owns a prom dress to see if they’d let you borrow it for the night. If your really looking for something from this season, call up a friend who may have just had their prom pass! Chances are, you’ll find something you like that’s relatively brand new; after all, how many times does one re-wear a prom dress? Plus, this option is a huge money saver.

#2 Glitz, Glam and the Extra

   Now that you’ve avoided a dress mess, onto the accessories. My recommendation? Head over to Charming Charlies! For one thing, while the clock is ticking, you’ve lucked out, for there’s one just 10 minutes away from SHS. As for the store itself, it is extremely organized and easy to navigate. It’s even sectioned out by color, so if that’s not convincing, then what is? Besides that, the selections are endless, and did I mention reasonably priced? You could purchase a necklace/earring set for as little as $15!

#3 Makeup struggles?

Luckily, just head over to your nearest Sephora! There, a Sephora beauty expert will give you a free 15 to 20-minute makeover. You don’t have to make an appointment, and it won’t cost you a dime! If you’re looking for a little extra glam, I’ll share my top secret: call up a performing arts friend! Whether they dance, act, model, cheer, chances are, they’re a makeup master because of their experiences on the stage. Give them a brush and just watch magic happen.