What makes a best friend?


Michelle Ciotola

WATCH OUT! Seniors, Peyton Gilheart, Alex Holdren, Sarah Holdren, and sophomores, Marissa Thorp, and Kyra McHugh were at freshmen, Delaney Ciotola’s house. When they heard Ciotola and Holdren scream, they ran and found out a bird flew in the house. The girls had just got back from the football game and as soon as the door opened, a bird flew in. The girls were there for each other and stuck together trying to get the bird out. “When the bird flew in the house I was so scared, all of us were laughing hysterically,” said Sarah Holdren, 12

   Friends are amazing people in our lives who are there for us when we need them most. However, a best friend holds a special difference from just a friend because it is a friendship that is endless and never can be broken.

  A best friend is someone you value above your other friends and have a closer bond with. A best friend is someone you trust and you always can know that they can be there for you when no one else can.

  “In a best friend, I look for someone kind, funny, and full of life… For me a best friend makes me feel wild and free… You can just be a hundred percent yourself around them and you can tell them anything,” said Marissa Thorp, 10.

  When you hang out with your best friend you should be able to be yourself. For instance, if “Bet On It’ by Zac Efron plays and you start dancing, rather than judging you, you know your best friend will most likely join you.

  A best friend should be able to listen to you when you’re having a bad day; you should always be able to tell them how you’re feeling. Plus you know that they will have all their attention on you and only you.

  We have all been sad, angry, or upset at something going on in our lives. Most people talk to their best friend for them to help them feel better on whatever is going on.

   In fact, it is scientifically proven that the company of good friends reduces stress in people’s lives.

  It doesn’t matter how many times you tell your best friend something, a true best friend is never tired of hearing your stories and over and over again.

   They might tease you about hearing it so many times but in the end, they don’t care because they are your best friend.

  A best friend always has your back no matter what. Some people act friendly and nice but end up turning around and stabbing you in the back. A high-quality best friend is always there for you, no matter the cause.

  If someone is being mean to you or hurting you, the person who will stop them in a heartbeat is your best friend. They will stand up for you, even if that means risking their friendship with someone else.

  Fake friends can’t deal with some of the decisions you make and will stop being your friend because of it. A real best friend loves you when you make the worst decisions, even if they strongly disagree on what you did.

  A best friend is someone you feel comfortable talking about personal things with and who feels comfortable talking to you as well. The most sincere friendships are with people you can talk openly about all your personal business.

  A best friend is someone who can make you smile, laugh, and just happy in general. They know what they can do to make you laugh or smile. Also, you always have inside jokes that only the two of you can crack up over.

  A best friend knows your secrets that no one else knows. We all have those crushes, teachers, friends, and other people in our lives that we need to tell someone about. That is when your best friend steps in to help with that.

   “I look for support and honesty and telling me their opinion because it’s important to have someone in your life to keep you grounded but also someone who is able to make my day with simple gestures if I’m having a bad day,” said Debasmita Kanungo, 11

  Everyone needs a best friend that can make their day a little better. A best friend to always be honest with.

  A dependable friend is a good kind of best friend, the kind where you can count on. They know what to expect from me and I know what to expect from them. We don’t cross each other’s boundary lines, and we know how to accommodate each other.

  A best friend supports you and is your number one fan. They celebrate your success; let’s say you accomplished something very big, you know your best friend will show up at your door and celebrate.

  Overall, if your best friend meets a lot of these characteristics, then they are an amazing human being to have in your life and make sure you act the same with them cause you do not want to lose them.