Life is too short to not have Graeters.


Alyssa Jones

Yummmmm. The world renowned black raspberry chocolate chip is showed in a waffle cone. “Best ice cream in the world,” said Carly Sandow, 11

   Cincinnati is known for their food, most importantly: ice cream. There are several high quality ice cream shops native to Cincinnati, such as United Dairy Farmers, Aglamesis, Walker Bros… yet missing from this list is Cincinnati’s all time favorite ice cream place: Greaters.

   Greaters is an ice cream parlor popular to all ages from 0 to 100. Greaters has dozens of locations in the tri state area. The closest is located off of Fields Ertel Road in Mason. It is about a 7 minute drive from SHS.

    This is the go to place my friends and I always hang out. Every Wednesday in the summer, it is a tradition that all of us go to Greaters and catch up with each other. My absolute favorite flavor and the most popular flavor is The Black Raspberry Chocolate chip. Nonetheless, no matter the flavor, any choice is the perfect choice.

    Yet what makes Graeter’s black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream so special? Not only is it delicious, it has received national recognition after being named Americas fifth best ice cream from Food Network.

    Greaters is also “home to the world’s only french pot freezer,” said Food Network.

  “Greaters is by far my favorite place to eat at. I can have Greaters for any meal of the day, even though they only serve ice cream. It is just so good,” said junior Hannah Bruns.

   Since Greaters is an ice cream parlor, it is so nice to be able to walk in without reservations and get your delicious dessert. The only downside? It can get very crowded at night so seating may be an issue.

   Greaters can cure anything. A bad day…cured. A sickness…cured. A broken leg…cured. Greaters is a miracle worker, and I highly encourage you to take advantage.

   Junior Carly Sandow said, “I can not go anywhere else to get ice cream. It is just so phenomenal, why would I go anywhere else?”

  With everything in mind, I rate this restaurant an outstanding 20 out of 10.