Fourth graders write

It is often the early experiences of one’s life that can be the most formative, namely regarding passions and interests. Through their explorations of journalism, the students in Mrs. Karin Daley’s fourth grade advanced reading class at Maple Dale Elementary School are getting a head start.

Listed below are the stories each student in Daley’s class has written, all of which involve several articles written, formatted, and edited by the students with the help of their peers, their teacher, and several mentors from the Leaf.


All About Elephants by: Samuel Broxterman


“Endangered Whales” by: Mollie Berk


“Pollution” by: Maggie Carman


Veterinarians by: Abigail Novotni


Smoking by: Lucy Salters


Snow Leopards by: Maya Zilch


Space Junk by: Jason Zhou


What is a white tiger? By: Ada Brown