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Meet the 2019-2020 staff



Anisa Khatana: “I have a scar on my tongue that I got from orthodontic treatment.”

Gabby Khodad: “I have twin brothers born on July 3rd and I have step twin brothers born on July 3rd…and they are all in the same grade.”

Harsitha Kalaiarasan: “Last year, I drove to Chicago for one night after an AP exam for a concert.”

Henry Loeb: “I have traveled to 35 of the 50 states.”

Lindsey Brinkman: “I enjoy being happy, being creative and spreading positivity to others.”

Lydia Masset: “One time I shaved my head as a last-minute decision to donate my hair.”

Linya Guo: “I love making drinks and ASMR! Check out my drink Instagram @__linyaa.”


Aadit Lele: “I’m a tad bit addicted to buying an excessive amount of pens and stationery.”

Allison McElroy: “My favorite animal is an elephant.”

Bhaavya Jha: “I’m writing a book.”

Gaby Pereda: “I have been to almost 20 countries around the world.”

Grace Zhang: “I could eat ice cream and grapes for the rest of my life.”

Jack Wolfe: “I am a big fan of films and movies.”

Maddie Suh: “I really really really like chocolate milk.”


Charlotte Weiss: “My favorite music artist is Surfaces.”

Deeya Prakash: “I have double-jointed thumbs.”

Josh Moore: “Hey I’m Josh and I love lasagna.”

Katie Mott: “I play handbells in the handbell choir at my church.”

Serene Tarabishi: “I am Syrian-American and am a second-generation immigrant kid, so I’m bilingual in both Arabic and English.”


Chloe Kapsal: “I sell customized shoes.”

Claire Berlier: “I have a dog named Dragon.”

Emma Chi: “I’ve been doing debate for three years.”

Lindsay Ruskin: “I love fruit smoothies.”

Ria Parikh: “I have a pet hedgehog named Spikey.” 

Ty Simmons: “Be patient and things will happen.”