SHS lacrosse team rebuilds box arena


Josh Moore

AN ATHLETIC ASSET. While the box is substantially worn-down, it costs a great deal of money for a new one, and despite its condition it still offers great practice for players. This calls for players to both treat the box with respect and maintain responsibility within it’s quarters. “I think it would be better to just focus on the box we have now, I feel if we got a new one we would have the same amount of problems that we have now,” said Cullin O’shea, 12.

   The Sycamore Lacrosse team was met with an unwelcome surprise on Thursday, Aug.22 when they found that the lacrosse box located in the practice fields had collapsed yet again. 

   Due to a mix of weather and conditioning, one of the walls had been blown over for the fourth time this year.

   The box was purchased by Sycamore’s athletic department in 2017 and has been used during the summer and fall seasons ever since for practices and games

   Box lacrosse is an alternate way to play the sport that concentrates more on keeping players and competitors in a tighter area rather than a spread-out field. 

   “The box arena is great due to its tight quarters greatly influencing and encouraging sharper skills and more physical play. The skills we pick up in the box translate directly to the field game making you a much better player,” said John Lynn, 12

   Parts of the walls are constantly being taken apart and moved between the on and off-season, and the extreme weather and terrain do not give any benefits to the boxes preservation. 

   All these factors leave the players to rebuild the walls every time they fall down. 

   Although it seems repetitive and aggravating at first glance, according to one of the team captains, there seems to be some team-bonding elements that go unnoticed when doing so. 

   “Whenever we have to fix the box we all have to work together to fix it. It’s also a great way to meet underclassmen and those new to the program,” said Cullin O’shea, 12. 

   Games are held in the box every Sunday during the fall season and are free to watch and spectate.