Harte stays true to self


Andre Harte

MULTIFACETED. Harte is picture on the left performing with the Aves Theatre program. “I consider one’s character to be far more important than how their traits match those of a traditional, ‘ideal’ man. Also, very few people in my life care much about appearing particularly masculine or tough,” said Harte. 

   Senior Andre Harte is a jack of all trades. Participating in improv, theatre, and creative writing, Harte defines involvement at SHS, namely in activities that are not traditionally acquainted with masculinity. 

      Often times, participating in certain “un-masculine” activities results in judgments and assumptions about the individual’s identity. Especially in the area of writing, where sharing emotions and insights prove essential. 

  The Pew Research Center backs this perception of masculinity. Emotion is perceived by the nation as a negative quality in men, along with compassion, caring, feeling, and vulnerability.  Traits like power, leadership, and providing, on the other hand, were valued in men.

   However, Harte sees things differently. 

   “Writing is an emotional outlet for me. Through poetry, I consider problems that have personally affected me and try to use language and rhythm in written poems and spoken word to express my frustration in a relatable, satisfying manner. I also try to end all my poems on a positive, hopeful note,” said Harte. 

   Harte shares that “very few people” in his life care about appearing “ particularly masculine or  tough.” His network of friends cushions him from the stereotypes and patterns that occur in the larger world.

   “Considering my knowledge of how things would’ve been a few decades ago, our progress as a society to get to this point is quite remarkable; of course, most places would not be nearly as welcoming as Sycamore, but having the opportunity to write freely and feel comfortable doing so is a testament to how privileged I have been and how supportive those around me have been throughout my life,” said Harte. 

   Harte performed spoken poetry for the first time at the Variety Show last year and “received a slew of encouraging feedback,” encouraging him to continue pursuing his passions.