Q&A: The transition to college

With Kevin Landrum, SHS class of 2019


Kevin Landrum

Kevin Landrum, SHS class of 2019 and current freshman at University of Michigan- Ann Arbor.

Starting a new chapter of your life, on your own, is no joke. Kevin Landrum is a Sycamore graduate of the class of 2019 that can confidently attest to this. Only a couple of months ago, he was dropped off in a new school, a new room, and a new home. Leaving the one place you’ve known for so long is never easy and can seem frightening, However, once you give it some time, you’ll accommodate. If this past-senior can do it, so can you! 

How would you describe your transition from high school to college? 

I was very very sad to be leaving Cincinnati. I loved high school, I loved my friends, and I loved Sycamore. I was nervous I wouldn’t have a good experience in college and I would be lonely and out of place. While parts of this homesickness and these worries have shown up, I would say overall the transition was good. I made great new friends not long after moving in and after a few struggles early on, I got a solid grasp on my academics.”

What is the one thing you miss most about home? 

The thing I miss most is the ability to know everyone. In college there are so many people, freshman lectures are so big, and everyone is starting new, so your friend group will be much smaller. It will slowly expand and mine is already, but you won’t know the same hundreds of people you had grown up with and knew well. Also [another thing I miss most is] good food. No matter what a tour guide tells you, dining hall food is bad.”

Do you feel like Sycamore High School prepared you well for college? 

I think Sycamore did a great job preparing me for high school. I feel as though I came in with better time management, academic skills, and knowledge of expected material than many of my peers. Further, I truly believe that Sycamore prepared me socially for college very well. Every school is so diverse in demographics and in thought that I think Sycamore prepared me to be able to interact and discuss and be respectful of everyone.”

Is there anything you wish you could have done in high school in order to better prepare you for college?

“I would have liked to practice procrastinating less. There is a lot of free time in college which means there is a lot of time to do work, but it also means there’s even more time to procrastinate. I had to learn the hard way that you should use your time to get ahead. Fighting to get only the next day’s work done is not a good strategy in college. Work ahead and study well in advance.”

What is your best advice to seniors this year who are feeling stressed about the upcoming transition? 

The transition will be hard and you are going to stumble a bit and you’re going to miss home, but it is important to remember that you do belong and you are prepared. You are going to make great friends, even if it’s not in the first few days or even weeks, but you will find them. Also, you are coming from a great school and leaving with great experiences that have prepared you very well.”