Q&A: The transition to college

With Samantha Fernandez, SHS class of 2019


Samantha Fernandez, SHS class of 2019 and current freshman at Ohio State University.

Starting a new chapter of your life, on your own, is no joke. Samantha Fernandez is a Sycamore graduate of the class of 2019 that can confidently attest to this. Only a couple of months ago, she was dropped off in a new school, a new room, and a new home. Leaving the one place you’ve known for so long is never easy and can seem frightening, However, once you give it some time, you’ll accommodate. If this past-senior can do it, so can you! 

How would you describe your transition from high school to college? 

“The transition is no joke, and you won’t acclimate in one day. Personally, I had a tough transition solely because I refused to believe that everything wasn’t going to be okay from the get-go. You can’t expect everything to be sunshine and rainbows right off the bat. I learned to put myself out there, try new things, and become more go-with-the-flow. When it comes to academics, I’m still learning to acclimate. I had a bad midterm experience but the key is to just keep going. The one secret no one talks about is: no one has any clue what they’re doing…and if they tell you they do, they don’t!” 

What is the one thing you miss most about home? 

“I miss Sycamore so much. I am having such a good time seeing what happened one year ago on each day courtesy of Snapchat! My best memories were when I was happy and embracing the experience as a whole. I think the one thing I miss the most is my pets. Any time someone walks past with their dog, I ask if I can pet it. You just can’t be afraid to ask, especially since there’s a huge lack of puppy love compared to home.”

Do you feel like Sycamore High School prepared you well for college? 

“I absolutely think Sycamore prepared me well for college. The high expectations your teachers set for you now are not exclusive to just them! All of my professors and TA’s now expect the work ethic and drive that Sycamore instilled in me. Without it, I wouldn’t get much done.”

Is there anything you wish you could have done in high school in order to better prepare you for college?

“I wish I would have cared less about what others thought of me in high school. It’s clear to see that worrying about others’ opinions is extremely hurtful to yourself. Now that I’m in college with a completely new setting, there is no established ‘Luis’ in the room or ‘Kevin’ in the room- there’s no dynasty left to obey. To put it shortly, you’re at college for yourself and your degree. To learn to care less about others’ opinions earlier would have been really helpful.”

What is your best advice to seniors this year who are feeling stressed about the upcoming transition? 

“Things get easier once you stay true to yourself and recognize that your journey will not be smooth in the slightest as far as high school goes, embrace it! As far as high school goes, embrace it! I miss it so much. You can not take things too seriously. Everything will work the way it is supposed to, so enjoy it while you can.”