Surviving Mid Semester Slump


Aaditi Lele

NOVEMBER. Now that we have reached the middle of the semester time characterized by a lack of motivation, the slump can be hard to escape. Getting organized to make a change, among the other tips below, can serve as a push in the right direction to get back on track. Try out these tips below to break out of the mid semester slump.

It is halfway through the semester and every school day seems to last 10 million hours (How is it still Monday?). Mid-term anxiety is yet to set in but you have finally adjusted to a new school year: What now? Have you found yourself less willing to get out of bed to do school work? Less motivated? Well, these are textbook symptoms of what some students call mid-semester slump: that time in the year where your motivation seems to have flown out the door and bringing yourself to do some school work has become an ordeal. Having finally settled into the rhythm of a new school year, foregone the novelty of a new school year, and yet to tackle midterm stressors, a lack of motivation is a common symptom. Many students have attributed to the drop in motivation to the feeling of monotony and a school year that seems grudgingly long. We know it is tough, so here are some tips to survive mid-semester slump (and maybe even take advantage of it!).

#1 TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. When facing obstacles to productivity, it is important to prioritize self-care. Taking care of yourself can be as simple as getting a few extra hours of sleep, establishing a regular eating schedule, or canceling just one commitment. A common sign of the mid-semester slump is feeling extra tired or unenergetic so getting some more rest can be crucial to overcoming it. Many students have begun to realize this; “It’s important to give yourself breaks and be kind to yourself so you don’t burn out” said Arushi Sharma, 11.

#2 MAKE A CHANGE. Sometimes, a change in scenery can be a great way to revamp your study habits and motivate you to get back into your rhythm. Try finding a new spot to do homework or study and consider getting some fresh air while you are at it. A switch in your routine or habits can be a great start to getting back that motivation.

#3 ANALYZE YOUR GOALS. Take the slump as an opportunity to reevaluate your goals. What do you want to accomplish by the end of the semester? Check where you are on personal and academic goals, change them, or set new ones. The middle of the semester can be a great time to reflect on the first quarter and decide what changes or improvements you hope to make before the end of 2019. 

#4 TACKLE IT TOGETHER. Find a friend or a study buddy and tackle this slump together. You might just find that you are more motivated to study with a friend or forced to stay more engaged. Working with a friend or family member could be just the push you need to revamp your motivation and send you in the right direction. 

#5 MAKE A PLAYLIST. As trivial as it may seem, one of the best cures to a lack of motivation can be a good playlist. Find some music that energizes you and compile a playlist to help you study or do homework. 

#6 REWARD YOURSELF. Rewarding yourself for working hard can serve as really great motivators for you to keep going. Try taking breaks, watching some tv, treating yourself for working hard and you will find yourself motivated to do even more.

With so many tips to tackle that mid-semester slump, we can all find a way that works for us to retain that start of the year’s work ethic and maintain the motivation we need to finish off the semester. Try out this advice with some friends to survive the mid-semester slump!