Overwatch 2: a review

A video game sequel


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OVERWATCH 2. After the popularity of the video game, Overwatch, Blizzard came out with the sequel Overwatch 2. Announced at Blizzcon, the sequel seeks to add a story mode, and expand upon the lore that Blizzard has been building up for the Overwatch universe over the past few years.

Blizzard has just announced Overwatch 2, the sequel to its popular team shooter Overwatch, onstage at Blizzcon 2019. 

The first Overwatch was released three years ago, and while the company has continued to expand upon their game, with new playable characters, game modes, and maps. 

Overwatch hasn’t gotten an update like this in its entire lifespan. The sequel seeks to add a story mode, to expand upon the lore that Blizzard has been building up for the Overwatch universe over the past few years with in-game content and cinematic shorts. 

Unlike the original game, which was primarily a PvP multiplayer experience, the sequel appears to be emphasizing cooperative PvE content. This content will see players face off against a multitude of computer enemies in story levels, and “hero missions,” levels centered around one character. 

Players will also be able to upgrade their heroes and customize them, which is another series first. The game will also still heavily feature six versus six tea, combat, like the previous game.

Blizzard is taking an unconventional approach to the sequel, promising a “shared multiplayer environment” where Overwatch 2 players will be able to play against players using the first game.

There has been nothing revealed on a release date of the sort. Blizzard has only announced that the sequel is “in development” and that more details are on the way.