Running out of ideas of what to do with your friends?

A list of fun of activities for you, your family, or your friends to try in the next couple months


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WHAT TO DO. Oftentimes after long weeks of school, we crave some sense of fun during the weekend. Yet oftentimes, living in a suburb, we feel like there’s nothing left to do that we haven’t already tried before. Therefore, I created a guide with fun activities to do this fall, winter, and a few activities that don’t abide by the seasons. If you want to challenge yourself, try and complete all the activities before the end of 2020.

Sometimes, living in the suburbs of a city can be hard. After a long week of school or work, many of us crave some sense of fun, yet many of us find ourselves feeling like there really isn’t anything exciting to do around town. Trust me, I’ve felt that way plenty of times, and if I got a nickel every time I heard someone say, “There’s nothing to do around here,” I would’ve struck rich years ago. However, the truth is there are things to do! You just have to look deeply and you will find them. To make that process a little easier for you, I added some fun activities to do in the upcoming seasons in the local area. Try these out with your friends or family the next time you aren’t sure what to do! 


 Fun Fall Activities 

  • Visit a Pumpkin Patch
    • Blooms & Berries Farm Market is a personal favorite! 
  • Carve Pumpkins
    • Local stores like Kroger, Target, and Walmart should have carving supplies! If not, check Amazon. 
  • Visit a Haunted House
    • Dent House is a popular Haunted House in Cincinnati that has announced it will be open this fall under new COVID-19 guidelines/restrictions. 
  • Have a Costume Competition 
    • Sometimes it’s more fun to make it a “couples” or “pair” competition where people come in pairs of two and their costumes have to coordinate with one another.
  • Rake Leaves & Jump Into the Piles 
    • If you’re feeling generous, you could also offer to rake your neighbors yards as well. Grab a speaker and have an outdoor dance party while you’re at it. 
  •  Bake Pies 
    • Types of pies to try making: Cherry, Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin, Key Lime Pie 
    • You can turn it into a competition and see who bakes the best pie! 
  • Boo Your Friends or Neighbors 
    • If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of “booing,” go to the store and buy a gift bag and candy to stuff it in, once you get home write a letter that says you’ve been “booed” with a ghost on it! Then, for the fun part, go to your friend’s house late at night, leave the bag at the door, and ding dong ditch them! Hopefully, your friends will know that they then should boo someone else. Once you are booed, put a sign that says “I’ve been booed” to prevent yourself from getting booed twice. 

Fun Winter Activities 

  • Go Sledding 
    • Of course this requires snow; so if we’re lucky enough to get some snowfall, go to your local parks or simply your backyard to sled. 
  • Go Skiing or Tubing
    • Check out to reserve ski/tubing tickets , they already announced that they will be open for the upcoming winter season.
  • Drive Around & Look at Holiday Lights 
    • Sharon Woods has a drive through holiday lights show every year.
  • Pick out a Christmas Tree and Decorate It 
    • Check out Big Tree Plantation in Morrow, Ohio if you want to cut down your own tree! 
    • Consider setting aside some time to make your own ornaments.
  • Make Hot Chocolate 
    • Try making it from scratch!
  • Bake Holiday Cookies 
    • If you make extras drop some cookies off to your friends and wish them happy holidays. 
  • Host a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest 
    • Pick a unique theme for the Gingerbread Houses to make the competition even more interesting. I once had a French Revolution themed Gingerbread House Decorating Contest that was incredibly fun. 
  • Try Ice Skating 
    • In past years Fountain Square and Summit Park have had rinks open! 

 Fun Friday Night Activities 

  • Sunset Picnic 
    • Location Suggestions: Voice of America Park, Ault Park, Summit Park, Eden Park 
  • Drive-In Movie 
    • Holiday Auto Theatre
    • Starlight Drive-In
    • Hollywood Drive-In Theatre 
  • Dress Up & Have a Photoshoot With Your Friends 
    • Try using the murals downtown as cool backgrounds! 
  • Have a Bonfire and Smores
    • If you want to be cautious with COVID-19, make individual smores packs with graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and ask your friends to bring their own sticks! 
  • Play a Childhood Game like Capture the Flag or Ghost in the Graveyard