What It’s Like to be Quarantined


Danielle Hershenson

QUARANTINED. Two weeks ago I was taken out of class and told that I had been in close contact with someone who recently tested positive for the coronavirus. Thus began two weeks of experiencing high school from behind a screen, and they were not at all what I was expecting.

   Two Mondays ago I was taken out of my fourth bell class and told that I had been in close contact with someone who recently tested positive for the coronavirus. This meant that for the next two weeks I would be a virtual student. 

   In case you’re wondering what happens when you need to be quarantined, I’ll explain. As soon as the school found out about the student’s positive test result they went to collect every student who had been in close contact with them for more than fifteen minutes. We were all taken out of our classes and led to the back gym. Here, the school nurse notified us of what had happened and explained that we must stay at home for the next two weeks. 

   After leaving school that morning I did not leave my house except to get a test, that thankfully came back negative. I then informed my teachers and got ready to spend the next two weeks on my computer. 

   At first, I was worried because I did not enjoy virtual school last year, but after just one day of online classes, my fears disappeared. My classes were still engaging and teachers were better prepared this year to best educate students from a distance. I was able to ask questions in class and even participate in group work. I enjoyed having fewer distractions throughout the day and even got to wear pajamas to class. I expected these two weeks to feel like months, but the time flew by. While being stuck at home did mean not seeing friends, it also meant getting to spend a lot of time with my family which was nicer than expected. This quarantine was a little lonely and boring but overall I enjoyed and benefited from the experience.  

   Many other students were also quarantined for these past two weeks like me. “I feel like quarantine has given me a little bit of a break from the stress of school because I have more time to get my work done,” said Ellie Forman, 12. While these two weeks were not what any of us expected, most students seemed to enjoy their time off. “The freedom of having all of my home resources and not having to travel or wear a mask has made my life significantly easier,” said Daniel Ronis-Tobin, 12. I think that a break from the stresses of senior year was just what some of us needed. 

   In conclusion, while I personally still do not want to become a virtual student, I enjoyed my time in quarantine. I missed eating lunch with my friends and having plans outside of school, but these past two weeks were more pleasant than I could have ever imagined.