Photography in a Pandemic


Evann O’Neil

PANDEMIC PHOTOGRAPHY. As with many other professions photography has been affected by Covid-19 many events are being canceled and many are stuck inside. With these limitations photographers have been forced to get creative with their art, some capturing more personal photos while being stuck inside and others capturing the pandemic through photographing essential workers and now empty spaces like in the photo above of the eerily deserted Florida shore during quarantine. “… highlighting the many talented photographers who are able to capture a unique moment or perspective in a truly remarkable period of history,” said the Anonymous artists behind the Covid Photo Museum.

   Photography is one of the most widespread art forms in the world with social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, only furthering the reach of photography into our lives. The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone whether it be in their jobs or social lives, but how has the photo industry, one that is based on capturing moments with others and the outside world, been affected by quarantine? 

   Photography is an art that has become apt at adapting to its surroundings by capturing the strange times we are living in. Many are capturing now empty places that were once bursting with life and essential workers as a way to document the pandemic that so quickly took over our lives. “I’ve noticed that more photographers have resorted to photographing their experiences; the way of life that is their daily life, their habits, and more personal things,” said Mr. Peter Griga, an SHS photography teacher. 

   Photographers have also been using their art to capture the abnormality of our current circumstances. Anonymous artists created the Covid Photo Museum, a virtual museum filled with images by professional and amateur photographers that capture how the pandemic has changed life as we know it. “As artists ourselves, we created this museum to function as a living and breathing time capsule of life in the time of quarantine – highlighting the many talented photographers who are able to capture a unique moment or perspective in a truly remarkable period of history,” they said. 

   While the pandemic has put many people, including photographers, out of a job, it is also possible that an entire new wave of photographers has been developed. According to a blog post written by Anthony Morganti, a professional photographer and photography teacher, as people have gained more free time because of quarantine people, they have want to take risks and try new things that they have always wanted to but felt that it wasn’t a possibility. ”…people are going to take risks with specific fields they’ve wanted to do. Whether it’s a person picking up a camera for the first time, or a photographer beginning a new business, new forms in the field will erupt,” Morganti said.  

  Lastly, photographers have also been tapping into more of their online resources to spread their work. By creating blogs, expanding their portfolios, and even starting to teach and learn from other photographers, they have taken advantage of this time to expand their craft and businesses. Many are also using online platforms to keep in touch with their center, photography, and others’ images during this unconventional, ever-changing year.