Virtual or Face to Face?

Which schooling system do students prefer?


VIRTUAL VS. F2F. With this one week being the first week of virtual school for a lot of the student body adjustments are being made. While some students prefer the virtual schooling option over face to face, others are struggling. Some like the freedom of virtual school while others prefer the routine of face to face.

As a face-to-face student at Sycamore High School when I heard about going virtual for one week I had mixed emotions.  I was curious because I wanted to see what it would be like but I was also concerned that it would be the beginning of a long break. I love school because I am able to socialize all day long, the thought of going virtual for even longer would have been my worst nightmare.

   When I heard about going back to school and all the limitations school had in order to keep schools safe, I was worried. At the beginning of this school year, school felt so different.  Only being able to see half of people’s faces, wearing a mask all day, and maintaining social distance while at school was definitely an adjustment. Now, my mask is a part of me and I am used to keeping my distance.  Everyone once in a while if I see images of me at school from years prior it’s almost like an alarm going off in my head “What!? No mask? Why are we that close?” These are common questions that run through my mind. All of these changes have become a new normal.

   Now I’m a virtual student. Sitting in my room all day is getting old. I miss my friends. Although there are negatives, it does come with benefits. I get lots of breaks throughout the day and I am able to work at my own pace. I am able to be finished whenever I get all of my work done.

  Let’s see what other SHS students think. Freshman Ben Scheutz says he likes face to face more, “virtual is boring because there is no one to talk to.”Going to school has the social aspect that virtual school doesn’t have and thus Scheutz likes it more. 

   Sophomore Maria Shomo also likes face to face more. She enjoys having the routine at school and how it feels “slightly different every day.”

   Another freshman Kyle Creech likes virtual more, he likes that the “day is a lot shorter, and [he has] more free time.”  

   Freshman Carsyn Auer also enjoys virtual school more. She likes how she has “a ton of free time.”  She also feels that virtual school is “less stressful.” 

  In conclusion, everyone may have to start getting used to this new learning style. For some, they enjoyed it right away, for others, it’s a bit of an adjustment. I think we all know that the school is doing the best they can in order to keep others safe.