Evermore Review


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EVERMORE. Taylor Swift recently dropped a new album which acts as a sister album to Folklore, which she released earlier this year.

  As of December 11, Taylor Swift has announced a new album called Evermore and released it overnight. This news might not strike many people as important, but as a Taylor Swift fan, her albums are the best things keeping me going during this pandemic.


  Now I am no music critic, but I listen to many genres and I feel rather well versed. So today, I will be talking about the best songs on Evermore and why.


  • Champagne Problems

   This song has been playing non stop in my head and no one seems to understand why I love it so much. So, I’ll explain it. 


   The song illustrates a couple who had different plans for how to spend Christmas. The woman finds herself unable to say yes when her boyfriend proposes and ends up questioning how good of a person she is. 


  The song features lyrics such such as “This dorm was once a madhouse, I made a joke ‘well its made for me’”, “How evergreen, our group of friends, don’t think we’ll say that word again”, and “and soon they’ll have the nerve to deck the halls that we once walked through”. 


  The lyrics seem to be hiding some sort of inner passion and anger, and you feel as if you are the person who the song’s point of view is from. I personally believe that it is the best song on this album, and if you haven’t listened to it I truly recommend it.


  • No Body, No Crime (Feat. Haim)

   Ah yes, a wonderful song about covered up murder. It’s fair to say that this song is well out of Taylor’s usual forte of songs, but I love it nonetheless. Warning to all who want to listen to it, it can get super stuck in your head. 


   It tells the story of a woman whose husband kills her after she finds out he has been cheating on her, and in the end the woman whose point of view the song is from kills the husband. The lyrics are really well done, as always for Taylor, and the backup vocals by Haim really add to it. 


  • Long Story Short

   Finally, this song ends up at third place. The beat is upbeat while talking about a bad love that Taylor (presumably) got over. 


  Now, I love Taylor’s lyrics so much and that is one of the main reasons I am a fan, and this song proves her quirky songwriting. Lyrics such as “And I fell from the pedestal, right down the rabbit hole, long story short it was a bad time” and “he’s passing by, rare as the glimmer of a comet in the sky” give the sad undertones of the story a light lift and make the song seem happy instead of sad. 


   The tune is something you can bop your head to and it makes for a really good song to listen to and daydream. Take it from me, ever since the album came out I’ve been doing just that.