Club Profile: Sycamore Christian Youth

An insight on the youth group at SHS

Sycamore Christian Youth, commonly known as SCY, is a club that encourages high school students to learn more about their faith. Junior, Payton Steele, summarizes SCY in a few words: “[SCY] helps kids find a love for their religion and find others in their school community that [have] a love for God and Jesus.” Every Wednesday, from 2:15 – 3 pm, SCY meets in the Hub to partake in worship and prayer, followed by a student leader sharing the lesson for the week. Some of the past topics include God’s characteristics, spiritual warfare, stress, perfectionism, leadership/discipleship, and finding joy in times of hardship. Steele’s favorite topic was on waiting. She explains, “As a teenager, I think that’s really hard.”

 Service is also important to the group. They have made tie fleece blankets for kids in foster care, made sandwiches for the homeless, and volunteered at A Child’s Hope International, packaging food for those fighting food insecurity. Brock Giesenshlag, 11, voices that his favorite service project was making Valentines for kids in Children’s Hospital. He reflects, “Not everyone gets those types of things, like Valentine’s Day cards, which we consider normal and have been getting since elementary school… I’ve learned from the experiences just how many ways you can give to people that you just wouldn’t think about.” This year, they hope to do these activities again, as well as expand upon who they serve. 

The group welcomes anyone and everyone, whether they have been a Christian their whole life, six months, or you aren’t Christian at all, the group welcomes you. When asked to describe SCY in one word, Giesenshlag responds, “SCY has that loving aura around it all the time. ‘Welcoming’ is also an honorable mention.”


Wednesdays, 2:15 – 3 pm, The Hub

Follow SCY on Instagram! @sycamorechristianyouth

*Writer Lindsay Boutelle, 12, has been involved with Sycamore Christian Youth since her freshman year. Her freshman and sophomore year, she served on the leadership team, and her junior and senior year she was president.