B’nai B’rith Youth Organization offers unique opportunities

BBYO pic
The 2014 Winter-Spring boards of Mishpocha AZA and Ner Tamid BBG. From left to right: Melissa Goodman, 10, Sam Meyers, 10, Ali Richter, 10, Micah Bachrach, 9, Mollie Chaiken, 9, Jacob Spiegel, 9, Andrea Goldstein, 11, Eli Zawatsky, 10, Rachel Carter, 9, Michael Edelheit, 10, Olivia Wolf, 10, and Drew Schneider, 9. Photo courtesy of Angie Zawatsky.

On Jan. 28 at the Mayerson JCC the two local B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO chapters uninstalled their 2013 Fall-Winter Boards and installed their 2014 Winter-Spring Boards.

BBYO  is an international youth movement run by Jewish teens across the globe. It is made up of AZA (Aleph Zadik Aleph), the boys’ organization, and BBG (B’nai B’rith Girls), the Girls’ organization. It is the largest Jewish Youth Organization in the world.

“I started BBYO about a year ago, and in that time BBYO has taken over my life. I don’t know what I would do without it,” said Jacob Spiegel, 9.

BBYO is composed of regions and councils, which are different groupings of chapters. Each has a board, made completely of students, that runs all internal affairs for the council, region, or chapter.

The BBYO board, made up completely of kids offers unique leadership roles for students. On the boys side, positions include:

Godol- Chapter President

S’gan-Vice President of programing

Moreh-Vice President of recruitment

Shaliach-Vice President of Judaism and social action



The girl’s side has corresponding positions to run their chapters. Positions on the girl’s side include:

N’siah-Chapter President

S’ganit-Vice President of programing

Morah-Vice President of recruitment

Sh’licha-Vice President of Judaism and social action



“I did BBYO all four years of high school. It has been by far one the most important experience of my life so far. The friends, leadership skills, and abilities I’ve gained through BBYO are incredible, and I encourage any Jewish teen not already involved to become so,” said Zachary Samuelson, 12.

Samuelson was, for the last year, the Regional Godol of KIO, the Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region, in which both Cincinnati’s AZA chapter (Mishpocha) and BBG chapter (Ner Tamid) are a part. In KIO there are chapters from Dayton, Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

“Through BBYO I have met people from all over the KIO region. Without it I could never say that I have friends from Louisville, Columbus, and Indianapolis,” said Michael Edelheit, 10.

BBYO is a unique experience for Jewish Teens and can instill great values and leadership skills within those who invest themselves in it.