Added work due to school cancellation

beat image 1-29-13
By 10:00 a.m. on a calamity day, all teachers are to post work they want their students to complete within two weeks. Some teachers have those assignments due the following day, while others give students two weeks to complete the work. Regardless, Blizzard Bags seem like they are here to stay. Image by Taylor Evans.

After the recent implementation of the use of “Blizzard Bags,” a calamity day seemed inevitable, and turns out it was.  Now that we have used our five allotted snow days, we must start making up missed days at the end of the school year.

However, the state has come up with a solution: Blizzard Bags.  The idea is for teachers to post work online in lieu of students going to school.  By doing so, the State will give us three more calamity without the consequence of completing extra days in June.

The intention is that Blizzard Bags will help students remain engaged in schoolwork even if school is closed and lessen the potential of make-up days.  All work assigned on calamity days will be due two weeks from the assigned date.

Many kids at the high were confused about the need for Blizzard Bags when they already do a similar thing when school is cancelled.

“I don’t think the Blizzard Bags are a bad idea.  Honestly, we already have a system almost identical to it.  On snow days in the past, my teachers posted work for us to complete when we returned to the school, so the concept should be familiar with high school kids at least,” said Joanna Brown, 11.

The program is more directed at the younger students who are not responsible for keeping up with several AP classes and other assignments that are not compromised due to snow days.

“Getting homework and worksheets on snow days in something that I’m used to, so the Blizzard Bags won’t be much different other than the fact that instead of having three classes of work to do, we now have seven,” said Elli Gibson, 11.

Despite the added work, come June, it will pay off.  Spending a few extra hours on school work as opposed to staying a few extra days in June seems just fine.

“At the end of the day, the Blizzard Bag program is meant to help us, and we should appreciate that if and when our last day of school remains as scheduled,” said Gibson.