Consumers eat money through pricey foods

Some foods cost more than $5000. such as the Dansuke watermelon that is priced a $6100. Photo courtesy MCT Direct.
Some foods cost more than $5000. An example is the Dansuke watermelon, which is priced at $6100. Photo courtesy MCT Direct.

The waiter comes over to the table with the check, you’re casual about, it and you grab the check, because you know, you’re a gentleman, and you look at the price.

You say that you are going to pass on the check for today.  Your friends just ate the Italian White Alba Truffle, priced at $106,406. The truffle is the most expensive food in the world.

The Italian White Alba Truffle is the most expensive food, but up there with the truffle is the “Pizza Royale 007” priced at $4200. The pizza includes lobster, caviar soaked in champagne, tomato sauce, salmon, and vintage balsamic vinegar.

You may think, “That doesn’t seem like it would be worth $4200!” You would be right, to top off the gourmet pizza, the chef adds a large amount of edible 24-karat gold flakes to the pizza.

Among the truffle and the pizza, there is one other food that might just empty your wallet, the Dansuke watermelon. This is not just some ordinary watermelon you pick up at the grocery.

Dansuke is a rare black watermelon, grown in Japan and priced at $6100. The Dansuke watermelon has been described as harder, crisper, and has a different level of sweetness to the tongue than a regular watermelon you buy at the store.

If you took the money you bought the watermelon with, you could buy 6 LED 60 inch TVs.

The next time you look at a menu and you think, “Wow, this burger is expensive, I think I’ll take a salad.” Remember that in Japan someone bought a $6100 watermelon.