Blizzard bags force work upon unwilling students

Mr. Andy Oakes is an English teacher who already has an assignment posted from the previous Blizzard Bag. You get two weeks to complete the assignment. If the homework is late you may get no credit or get points deducted. Photo courtesy of Max Fritzhand.

A new standard passed in Ohio makes school districts eligible to have ‘Blizzard Bags’ meaning that when schools do not have calamity school due to a snow day, an assignment will be assigned for the following day school is in session.

“I am so happy that we do not have school,” said Sam Bouajram, 10.

Any homework assignment will be assigned online. The downside is that some students do not have much access to the internet, so they must figure out a way to complete it. The upside is that you have only two weeks to finish it.

“I love that we have a snow day, the only bad thing is that we have blizzard bags,” said Omar Khan, 12.

The teachers have not taken the blizzard bags  that seriously. For some they just assign the students homework that was due the following day as the Blizzard Bag. A lot of students will tend to procrastinate on the Blizzard Bag assignment, because some of the work is mainly irrelevant to what they are learning in that subject.

“Snow days would be a lot better if we did not have Blizzard Bags,” said Katie Ferron, 11